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Neutral Bombs is a punk rock band formed in 2015 in Lugano, Switzerland.

The band consists of Rudy Pulino (vocals), Michele Sedili (guitar), Matteo Soldati (bass), and Gab Ferrantini (drums).

Neutral Bombs takes inspiration from a lot of bands such as Rancid, Nofx, Bad Religion, and Street Dogs, incorporating a mix of street punk with classic 90s punk rock.

Their first EP/demo “Another Cultures Dies” was released in 2015 with 7 songs. The band has since grown in popularity, playing shows throughout Switzerland, Germany, and Italy.

On June 2018 Neutral Bombs released their debut album entitled “Pretend to Fly” published by Sliptrick Records and composed of 11 new songs recorded in October 2017 at New Mood Recording Studio (Cantu, Italy).

Bandcamp: www.bandcamp.com/neutralbombs